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January 10. Click "Color" to change the color of models where availableJanuary 09. Inversions on part views have been fixed. Click the Harlequin button to view parts like thisJanuary 04. BrickHub introduces an improved user interface for quick actions to improve building instructions and make them OMR compliant More News
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BrickHub.org is a place for sharing LEGO building instructions. Instructions are generated in real time, allowing you to personalise them just for your liking. As a creator you can upload instructions and immediately view steps, parts, 3D models and more.

BrickHub is based on open source software with the building instructions from buildinginstructions.js, 3D functionality from three.js and parts library from LDraw. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group. BrickHub.org is neither owned, endorsed, nor operated by the LEGO Group. Contact: lassedeleuran@gmail.com