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When registering on the site BrickHub.org you agree to the conditions that you own all building instructions, images and profile data that you upload to the site and that the site is allowed to display your content according to your privacy settings. All LDraw parts and colors that you upload or modify will be in the public domain and other users on BrickHub will be allowed to use them.

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BrickHub.org is a place for sharing LEGO building instructions. Building instructions are auto-generated on the fly using javascript in your browser. This allows you to personalise them instantly by controlling animations, color for placed parts, line colors, and much more. It also allows creators to upload instructions easily without having to render construction step images, setting up instructions pages and other time-consuming tasks that normally stand in the way of publishing building instructions. BrickHub is based on open source software with the building instructions from buildinginstructions.js, renderers from three.js and parts library from LDraw,

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group. BrickHub.org is neither owned, endorsed, nor operated by the LEGO Group. Contact: lassedeleuran@gmail.com