18 Building instructions in theme 'Fabuland'
Fabuland - Playground Fabuland - Playground Flower Car Flower Car Bianca Lamb and Stroller Bianca Lamb and Stroller Small Cafe Small Cafe Fabuland - Flower Stand Fabuland - Flower Stand Clover Cow Clover Cow Kitchen Kitchen Fabuland - Hanna Hippopotamus On A Picnic Fabuland - Hanna Hippopotamus On A Picnic Roadster Roadster Aeroplane Aeroplane Lucy Lamb's Bedroom Lucy Lamb's Bedroom Mayor's Car Mayor's Car Car and Camper Car and Camper Perry Panda & Chester Chimp Perry Panda & Chester Chimp Doc David's Hospital Doc David's Hospital Cathy Cat's & Morty Mouse's Cottage Cathy Cat's & Morty Mouse's Cottage Cathy Cat's Funpark Cathy Cat's Funpark Bakery Bakery

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