Compact Robot Base for FLL Super Powered
The new Spike V3 is not backward-compatible with the programs shown here. Get the old version [https://spikelegacy.legoeducation.com/](here).
And if you need to downgrade your hubs, then use [https://spikelegacy.legoeducation.com/hubdowngrade/](this).

Connect the right drive motor to port B.

Connect the left drive motor to port F.

Connect the large lifting motor to port D.

Ensure the cables are tugged nicely under the robot, to minimize the risk of losing precision tokens during a match.

The programming is done using World Blocks. [https://c-mt.dk/software/SuperPowered_All_Missions.zip](Download software for all missions here)

See the videos in [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNpybnhzwl-67sVP3hx2wPZUY3z7xjUC](this playlist) for how to solve all missions.
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License: Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt (LDraw)
Year: 2022
Alternate build of an official LEGO set 45678. Number of parts: 108
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LDraw File - OMR Version This LDraw file is has all unofficial and textured parts inlined. Original LDraw File The LDraw file is downloaded directly from the server. Studio 2.0-Safe LDraw File This LDraw file has been modified to ensure that it loads correctly in Studio 2.0.

Unofficial parts

For Studio 2.0, these parts should be saved in C:\Program Files\Studio 2.0\ldraw\Custom Parts\Parts on Windows and Applications/Studio 2.0/ldraw/Custom Parts/Parts on MAC. See this video for a guide of how to set it up in Studio 2.0 and use their rendering engine.

Description LDraw File Studio 2.0 File Preview
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Models for LEGO set #45678
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