Highway Rig - with Decoupler
By LEGO. Modifications by Lasse Deleuran. Uploaded to BrickHub.org by Lasse Deleuran
The original Model Team truck Highway Rig was released in 1986 (some markets in 1990).

It started the era of 12 stud wide Model Team trucks and was followed by 5590 Whirl and Wheel Super Truck in 1990, and Mach II Red Bird Rig in 1994.

The theme contains several other models and the 12 wide trucks were replaced by even larger and detailed trucks.

The model here is an updated version of the classic model. Several parts have been replaced by modern equivalents. The steering knob has been moved to the roof of the truck and the coupling is of a type which follows the Model Team Truck standard and works together with all my trailers.
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License: Public Domain
Theme: Model Team Year: 2011
Mod of an official LEGO set 5580 using additional parts. Number of parts: 660
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LDraw File - OMR Version This LDraw file is has all unofficial and textured parts inlined. Original LDraw File The LDraw file is downloaded directly from the server. Studio 2.0-Safe LDraw File This LDraw file has been modified to ensure that it loads correctly in Studio 2.0.

Unofficial parts

For Studio 2.0, these parts should be saved in C:\Program Files\Studio 2.0\ldraw\Custom Parts\Parts on Windows and Applications/Studio 2.0/ldraw/Custom Parts/Parts on MAC. See this video for a guide of how to set it up in Studio 2.0 and use their rendering engine.

Description LDraw File Studio 2.0 File Preview
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