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Type Quantity Example Image
Adapter2Adapter Ring Triangles to Normal 0.25 (1-4ering.dat)
Axle6Axle (axle.dat)
Bottom1Bottom Finger for Classic Windows Smooth (finger1.dat)
Box38Box 6 (six faces) (box.dat)
Bump1Bump 1.0 x 0.5 (bump5000.dat)
Bush4Bush Lock 2 (bushloc2.dat)
Chord12Chord 0.0625 (1-16chrd.dat)
Circle15Circle 0.0625 (1-16edge.dat)
Click11Click Lock Hinge Single Finger for Bricks (clh1.dat)
Clip9Clip Vertical (Thin U-Clip) (clip10.dat)
Cone101Cone 1 x 0.0625 (1-16con1.dat)
Cylinder66Cylinder 0.0625 (1-16cyli.dat)
Disc25Disc 0.0625 (1-16disc.dat)
Duplo10Duplo Axle (daxle.dat)
Electric1Electric Plug Pin for Plug Type 3 and Type 4 (plug34.dat)
Empty1Empty (empty.dat)
Fillet8Fillet Plain 3 LDU Inter-Stud (filletp0s.dat)
Handle2Handle for Flat Shields (handle.dat)
Hinge5Hinge Arm 2 Finger (arm1.dat)
Joint-83Joint-8 Ball with Straight Bar (joint8ball.dat)
LEGO1LEGO Logo for Studs - Non-3D Thin Lines (logo.dat)
Mursten1Mursten Brick Slot (slotm.dat)
Open1Open Stud Extension with 0.5 LDU Inner Stopper Ring (stud2s2e.dat)
Peg5Peg Hole End (peghole.dat)
Rectangle7Rectangle (rect.dat)
Rib1Rib T-Shaped for 45 Degree Plate Edges (ribt45.dat)
Ring207Ring 1 x 0.0625 (1-16rin1.dat)
Single19Single Tooth for Duplo Gears 24 and 40 Tooth (dtooth.dat)
Sphere5Sphere 0.175 x 1.1414 Cut Off (1-8sphc.dat)
Steering1Steering End (steerend.dat)
Stud151Stud Tube Open 0.25 (1-4stud4.dat)
Technic66Technic Axle Hole Reduced Tooth Surface (axl2ho10.dat)
Top2Top Clip with Rounded Tips (clip11.dat)
Torus133Torus Outside 1 x 1.0000 x 0.25 (r04o1000.dat)
Train1Train Track 12V Electric Connector (rail12v.dat)
Tri-Cylinder1Tri-Cylinder Intersection 0.125 (1-8tric.dat)
Triangle1Triangle (triangle.dat)
Triangular6Triangular Prism with 2 Square Faces and 1 Rectangular Face (tri3.dat)
Type26Type Swiss721BT Lower Case "k" Bold (type-swiss721bt-bold-lk.dat)
Vertical2Vertical Clip for Flags (clip1.dat)
Wheel8Wheel Rim 6.4 x 8 with Tyre 6/ 50 x 8 Offset Tread (4624c01.dat)
Znap8Znap Between Pegholes 1 (znap1.dat)
|1| Vengit S-Brick Plus Power Functions Bluetooth Receiver (t1032c02.dat)
~Cylinder1~Cylinder Tube 0.25 (deprecated; use t04q4000.dat) (1-4ccyli.dat)
~Moved79~Moved to 1-16ring19 (1-16ri19.dat)
~Obsolete1~Obsolete file (box3#8p.dat)

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