Subparts (Under 'parts\s' in LDraw) of type '~Roadsign'
All Parts / Subparts / ~Roadsign
Name # Image
~Roadsign Clip-on 2 x 2 Octagonal without Pattern Area30260s01.dat
~Roadsign Clip-on 2 x 2 Round without Front Face469s01.dat
~Roadsign Clip-on 2 x 2 Square with C-Clip without Front15210s01.dat
~Roadsign Clip-on 2 x 2 Square without Front Face30258s01.dat
~Roadsign Clip-on 2.2 x 2.667 Triangular without Front Face30259s01.dat
~Roadsign Diamond without Base without Decorated Surfaceu1850s01.dat
~Roadsign Octagonal without Decorated Surface3570s01.dat
~Roadsign Rectangular Tall without Decorated Surface3349s01.dat
~Roadsign Rectangular Wide without Decorated Surface3897s01.dat
~Roadsign Round Baseu9007s02.dat
~Roadsign Round Large "STOP" Patternu1851s02.dat
~Roadsign Round Large without Base without Decorated Surfaceu1851s01.dat
~Roadsign Round Large without Front Faceu9006s01.dat
~Roadsign Round Small without Base without Decorated Surfaceu1852s01.dat
~Roadsign Round Type 1 (Round Underside Stud) - Post3350as02.dat
~Roadsign Round Type 2 (Oval Underside Stud) - Post3350bs02.dat
~Roadsign Round without Decorated Surface or Baseu9008s01.dat
~Roadsign Round without Front Face3350s01.dat
~Roadsign Square Large without Base740s01.dat
~Roadsign Square Small without Base without Decorated Surfaceu1853s01.dat
~Roadsign Square without Decorated Surface647s01.dat
~Roadsign Square without Decorated Surface or Baseu9009s01.dat
~Roadsign Straight Type 1 (Round Underside Stud) - Post3351as02.dat
~Roadsign Straight Type 2 (Oval Underside Stud) - Post3351bs02.dat
~Roadsign Triangular Dangerous Intersection Pattern3351p15a.dat
~Roadsign Triangular Inverted without Base w/o Decorated Surfaceu1854s01.dat
~Roadsign Triangular Locomotive no Rail Pattern3351p06a.dat
~Roadsign Triangular Type 1 without Decorated Surface3351as01.dat
~Roadsign Triangular Type 2 without Decorated Surface3351bs01.dat
~Roadsign Triangular without Base without Decorated Surface747s01.dat
~Roadsign Triangular without Decorated Surface or Baseu9007s01.dat

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