Subparts (Under 'parts\s' in LDraw) of type '~Minifig'
All Parts / Subparts / ~Minifig
Name # Image
~Minifig Acoustic Guitar without Front Surface and Neck25975s01.dat
~Minifig Arm Bent - Half10058s01.dat
~Minifig Arm Right Inner Half3818s01.dat
~Minifig Arm Right Outer Surface3818s02.dat
~Minifig Arm Right with Short Sleeve Pattern Lower Part3818p01s01.dat
~Minifig Arm Right with Short Sleeve Pattern Shoulder3818p01s02.dat
~Minifig Armor Shoulder Pads with 1 Stud on Front, 2 Studs on Back Half11097s01.dat
~Minifig Armor Shoulder Pads with Neck Protection - Half15086s01.dat
~Minifig Armor Shoulder Pads with Ridges Half11438s01.dat
~Minifig Armour Plate with LOTR King Theoden Pattern, Half Pat.2587pm0s01.dat
~Minifig Armour Plate without Front2587s01.dat
~Minifig Armour Shoulder Half30121s01.dat
~Minifig Axe Blade95330s02.dat
~Minifig Axe Handle95330s03.dat
~Minifig Axe Head95330s01.dat
~Minifig Axe with Twin-Blade - One Blade95052s01.dat
~Minifig Baby Body Half25126s03.dat
~Minifig Baby Body Hand25126s02.dat
~Minifig Baby Body without Hands and Torso Front25126s01.dat
~Minifig Baby Head without Face24581s01.dat
~Minifig Backpack with Sleeping Bag - Half30323s01.dat
~Minifig Barbed Wire Loop Subpart62700s01.dat
~Minifig Basketball Eighth without Spokes43702s01.dat
~Minifig Basketball Net for Hoop - Eighth43374s01.dat
~Minifig Basketball Spokes Eighth43702s02.dat
~Minifig Bat Wing Quarter98722s01.dat
~Minifig Bladed Claw Spread10187s01.dat
~Minifig Book 1/4 Spine without Outside Faces33009s01.dat
~Minifig Book Back without Back Cover33009s03.dat
~Minifig Book Base Clip Holder24324s01.dat
~Minifig Book Cover without Main Faces24093s01.dat
~Minifig Book Front without Front Cover33009s02.dat
~Minifig Bottle 1 x 1 x 2 Cylindrical without Patterned Area95228s01.dat
~Minifig Bowl without Outer Surface34172s01.dat
~Minifig Cap with Short Arched Peak with Seams and Top Pin Hole Half11303s01.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth (Formed) Inner Surface and Edge Half50231s03.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth (Formed) Neck Bottom Surface and Edge50231s01.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth (Formed) Neck Top Surface50231s02.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth (Formed) Outer Surface Half50231s04.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth Floating (Formed) Inner Surface and Edge Half50231c02s01.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth Floating (Formed) Outer Surface Half50231c02s02.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth Scalloped 5 Points (Formed) Inner Surface and Edge Half56630s01.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth Scalloped 5 Points (Formed) Outer Surface Half56630s02.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth Short (Formed) Inner Surface and Edge Half99464s01.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth Short (Formed) Outer Surface Half99464s02.dat
~Minifig Cape Cloth with Pointed Ends and Collar Half Surface42450s01.dat
~Minifig Cheerleader Pom Pom - Bottom87997s01.dat
~Minifig Cheerleader Pom Pom - Top87997s02.dat
~Minifig Compass Base Stick889s01.dat
~Minifig Conical Flask - Bottomu9180s02.dat
~Minifig Conical Flask - Necku9180s01.dat
~Minifig Construction Helmet with Hair Short - Hair16175s02.dat
~Minifig Construction Helmet with Hair Short - Helmet16175s01.dat
~Minifig Cook's Hat Puff - 1/83898s01.dat
~Minifig Cup Takeaway Lid Rim15496s03.dat
~Minifig Cup Takeaway Lid Structure15496s01.dat
~Minifig Cup Takeaway Lid Top15496s02.dat
~Minifig Dagger Blade Half88288s01.dat
~Minifig Dagger Hilt Half88288s02.dat
~Minifig Eagle Wing 1/493250s01.dat
~Minifig Eagle Wing 1/4 with Tan Lower Feathers Pattern93250pq0s01.dat
~Minifig Eagle Wing Front Red/Gold Pattern Half93250pq0s02.dat
~Minifig Eagle Wing Rear Red/Gold Pattern Half93250pq0s03.dat
~Minifig Electric Guitar Classic - Back11640s01.dat
~Minifig Electric Guitar Pickup93564s01.dat
~Minifig Electric Guitar without Front Surface93564s02.dat
~Minifig Feathered Headdress Small Quarter87696s01.dat
~Minifig Feathers30126s01.dat
~Minifig Feathers Patternable Areas30126s03.dat
~Minifig Feathers with Black Tip on Both Sides Pattern30126a01.dat
~Minifig Feathers with Black Tip Pattern30126p01s01.dat
~Minifig Feathers without Patternable Areas30126s02.dat
~Minifig Fire Helmet Breathing Hose Half6158s01.dat
~Minifig Fire Helmet without Front3834s01.dat
~Minifig Flame - Flame6126s01.dat
~Minifig Flame 7 L with Bar 0.8 Base85959s01.dat
~Minifig Flame 7 L with Bar 0.8 Middle85959s02.dat
~Minifig Flame 7 L with Bar 0.8 Tip85959s03.dat
~Minifig Food Apple Half33051s01.dat
~Minifig Food Bread Bun - Quarter25386s01.dat
~Minifig Food Croissant Half33125s01.dat
~Minifig Food Pie - Cream Filling93568s01.dat
~Minifig Food Pie - Pie 1/493568s02.dat
~Minifig Food Pretzel Half10170s01.dat
~Minifig Food Turkey - Half33048s01.dat
~Minifig Food Turkey Leg - one half33057s01.dat
~Minifig Glasses, Thin Brown Eyebrows and Smile Pattern3626p87s01.dat
~Minifig Gollum Body and Head without Patterned Areas - Half10057s02.dat
~Minifig Gollum Hair Pattern - Half10057pm0s01.dat
~Minifig Gollum Head Pattern Area - Half10057s03.dat
~Minifig Gollum Hips and Legs without Patterned Areas10057s01.dat
~Minifig Gollum Loincloth Pattern Area10057s04.dat
~Minifig Gollum Narrow Eyes and Half-open Mouth Pattern - Half10057pm1s01.dat
~Minifig Gollum Wide Eyes and Open Mouth Pattern - Half10057pm0s02.dat
~Minifig Grappling Hook with Bar - Arm15534s01.dat
~Minifig Grin and Brown Beard and White Pupils Pattern3626p88s01.dat
~Minifig Gun Shooting Blaster Half15391s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Backslick Half64798s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Female with Pigtails - Half3625s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Islander Quarter6025s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Mohawk - Half93563s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Orc Ears10066s02.dat
~Minifig Hair Orc without Ears10066s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Peaked Half42444s01.dat
~Minifig Hair Ponytail Off-center without Front Surface15427s01.dat
~Minifig Hair with Two Buns - Half30409s01.dat
~Minifig Hairbrush Subpart3852-1.dat
~Minifig Hairbrush without Handle3852s01.dat
~Minifig Hand Truck Side2495s01.dat
~Minifig Harpoon with Smooth Bar - Quarter Harpoon Blade18041s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Beanie Front Half90541s02.dat
~Minifig Hat Beanie without Front90541s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Bicorne Front/Back Surface2528s02.dat
~Minifig Hat Bicorne without Front or Back2528s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Bowler Half95674s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Conical Asian Top Tenth93059s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Conical Asian with Curved Sides 1/1626007s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Cowboy with Silver Star Pattern - Silver Detail3629pw2a.dat
~Minifig Hat Cowboy without Front Face3629s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Elf with Pointy Ears Inside13787s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Elf with Pointy Ears Top13787s02.dat
~Minifig Hat Fedora Half61506s01.dat
~Minifig Hat High Cone Shaped Half Subpart2338s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Imperial Guard Shako Brim2545s02.dat
~Minifig Hat Imperial Guard Shako without Decorated Surfaces2545s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Kepi Half30135s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Pith Helmet Half30172s01.dat
~Minifig Hat Police15530s01.dat
~Minifig Hat with Wide Brim Down Rope13788s02.dat
~Minifig Hat with Wide Brim Down without Rope and Outside Surface13788s01.dat
~Minifig Head - Closed Hollow Stud w/o Front and Back Surface3626cs02.dat
~Minifig Head - Closed Hollow Stud with Back Surface3626cs01.dat
~Minifig Head - Faceless Subpart (solid stud)3626as01.dat
~Minifig Head - Half Back Face3626bs04.dat
~Minifig Head - Half Front Face Optional Lines3626bs05.dat
~Minifig Head - Stud Hollow without Face Area3626bs01.dat
~Minifig Head - Stud Hollow without Outer Face3626bs02.dat
~Minifig Head - Stud Hollow without Outer Face3626texpole.dat
~Minifig Head 2-Sided with Red Lips Annoyed / Smiling Pattern without Stud3626p89s01.dat
~Minifig Head Alien Squidman Eye and Head Top85947s04.dat
~Minifig Head Alien Squidman Half85947s01.dat
~Minifig Head Alien Squidman Head Top Black Eyes & Lines Pattern85947s04p01.dat
~Minifig Head Alien Squidman Mouth85947s02.dat
~Minifig Head Alien Squidman Tongue85947s03.dat
~Minifig Head Beard and Messy Hair Background Pattern - Half3626bp42s01.dat
~Minifig Head Brown Eyebrows, Freckles and Open Mouth Smile Pattern3626p8bs01.dat
~Minifig Head Cuboid without Front Surface19729s01.dat
~Minifig Head Elf - Eye43745s02.dat
~Minifig Head Elf - Eye Pattern43745p01a.dat
~Minifig Head Elf - Half43745s01.dat
~Minifig Head Ewok Fur64805s01.dat
~Minifig Head Eye and Grin Pattern - Half3626bp42s04.dat
~Minifig Head Eye, Eye Patch and Grin with Upper Lip Pattern3626bp48s03.dat
~Minifig Head Eye, Eye Patch and Grin without Upper Lip Pattern3626bp46s01.dat
~Minifig Head Female with Red Lips Small Eyebrows Pattern3626bp08s01.dat
~Minifig Head Goblin Half42109s01.dat
~Minifig Head Iron Spider Eye - Half3626cpb3s01.dat
~Minifig Head Medium Dark Flesh Glasses, Laugh Lines, Red Lips, Neutral / Raised Eyebrows Amused 2-Sided Pattern Half3626cp8us01.dat
~Minifig Head Messy Hair Pattern - Half3626bp42s02.dat
~Minifig Head Moustache and Beard Pattern - Half3626bp42s03.dat
~Minifig Head Nautolan Eye and Mouth57901s02.dat
~Minifig Head Nautolan Half without Patterned Areas57901s01.dat
~Minifig Head Nautolan Tentacle Bands57901s03.dat
~Minifig Head Protocol Droid Half without Eye30480s01.dat
~Minifig Head Robot without Front Surface98384s01.dat
~Minifig Head Rodian Eye and Nose Top47545s02.dat
~Minifig Head Rodian Eye and Nose Top with Pattern47545p01s02.dat
~Minifig Head Rodian Half47545s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Bart Simpson Eye15523s02.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Bart Simpson Eyes Looking Left15523p01s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Bart Simpson Half15523s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Bart Simpson Pupil15523s03.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Eye15527s04.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Eyelash15527s06.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Eyelid15527s05.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Half15527s02.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Mouth Half15527s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Pupil and Hair Half15527s03.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Lisa Simpson Eye15524s02.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Lisa Simpson Eyebrow Area15524s04.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Lisa Simpson Eyelash Pattern15524p02s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Lisa Simpson Half15524s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Lisa Simpson Pupil15524s03.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Lisa Simpson Worried Eye Pattern15524p01s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Eye15522s04.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Eyebrow Area15522s03.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Eyes Looking Right Pattern15522p01s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Hair Half15522s02.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Half15522s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Pupil15522s05.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Marge Simpson Wide Open Eyes Eyelashes Pattern15522p02s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Ned Flanders Eye and Glasses Lens15529s05.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Ned Flanders Hair Half15529s02.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Ned Flanders Half15529s01.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Ned Flanders Moustache Half15529s03.dat
~Minifig Head Simpsons Ned Flanders Pupil and Glasses Frame15529s04.dat
~Minifig Head SpongeBob Front/Rear Face54872s03.dat
~Minifig Head SpongeBob Notch54872s02.dat
~Minifig Head Spongebob Octopus Half Front Surface64767s02.dat
~Minifig Head Spongebob Octopus Half without Front Surface64767s01.dat
~Minifig Head Spongebob Starfish Front Surface54873s02.dat
~Minifig Head Spongebob Starfish without Front Surface54873s01.dat
~Minifig Head SpongeBob without Front and Rear Faces54872s01.dat
~Minifig Head Standard Grin Pattern - Half3626ap01s01.dat
~Minifig Head Stubble and Messy Hair Background Pattern - Half3626bp48s01.dat
~Minifig Head Stubble Pattern - Half3626bp48s02.dat
~Minifig Head SW Jawa, Yellow Eyes with Orange Rim Pattern - Half3626cps0s01.dat
~Minifig Head w. SW Brown Eyebrows and Beard Pattern Face Half3626bps9s01.dat
~Minifig Head with Blue Sunglasses and Stubble Pattern Half3626bp7es01.dat
~Minifig Head with Brown Bushy Moustache, Eyebrows and Black Chin Strap Half3626cpcbes01.dat
~Minifig Head with Brown Hair and Black Eyebrows - Eye details3626p7aa.dat
~Minifig Head with Brown Hair and Black Eyebrows - Hair details3626p7ab.dat
~Minifig Head with Glasses Rounded, Brown Eyebrows and Smile Pattern Half3626cp8ys01.dat
~Minifig Head with Glasses, Sideburns, Moustache Pattern - Half3626bpq4s01.dat
~Minifig Head with Gold Paint and Slanted Eyes Pattern - Half3626bp6ua.dat
~Minifig Head with Gold Robot Pattern - Half3626p64a.dat
~Minifig Head with Harry Potter Pattern - Face3626ph1a.dat
~Minifig Head with Large Glasses with Dark Grey Eyebrows, Moustache and Stubbles and Dark Brown Cheek Lines Pattern Half3626cpd67s01.dat
~Minifig Head with LOTR Dark Orange Beard Pattern - Quarter3626cpm6a.dat
~Minifig Head with LOTR Darkbrown Beard and Stubble Pattern - Half3626cpm7s01.dat
~Minifig Head with LOTR Stern Pattern - Half3626cpm7s02.dat
~Minifig Head with Monocle and Moustache - Silver Details3626pa7a.dat
~Minifig Head with Red Moustache and Goatee Pattern Half3626bp41s01.dat
~Minifig Head with Ron Weasley Pattern - Face3626ph3a.dat
~Minifig Head with Sideburns & Droopy Moustache - Except Hair3626b37b.dat
~Minifig Head with Sideburns & Droopy Moustache - Facial Hair3626b37a.dat
~Minifig Head with Silver Robot Pattern - Silver3626p63a.dat
~Minifig Head with Standard Grin and Eyebrows Pattern - Half Face3626p05s01.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Darth Maul Pattern - Half3626bps8a.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Freckles and Thin Br. Eyebrows Patt. Half3626bpsds01.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Grey Beard and Eyebrows Pattern Half3626bps4s01.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Lobot - Shiny Lt. Blue detail3626bsc2.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Lobot - Silver detail3626bsc1.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Scout Trooper Black Visor Patt. Reflection3626bpses02.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Scout Trooper Black Visor Pattern Half3626bpses01.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Small Black Eyebrows Pattern Face Half3626bps3s01.dat
~Minifig Head with SW Tusken Raider Pattern - Silver Detail3626psta.dat
~Minifig Head with White and Light Bluish Grey Bushy Eyebrows, Open Mouth Smile Pattern - Half3626p0hs01.dat
~Minifig Head without Vertical Faces with Edge Lines3626bs00.dat
~Minifig Head Wookiee with Bandolier Munitions30483s03.dat
~Minifig Head Wookiee with Bandolier Nose30483s02.dat
~Minifig Head Wookiee with Bandolier without Patterned Areas30483s01.dat
~Minifig Head Yoda with Curved Ears - Half41880s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Anubis Guard Front Surface93248s02.dat
~Minifig Headdress Anubis Guard Golden Surface93248pq0a.dat
~Minifig Headdress Anubis Guard Half without Front Surface93248s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Aztec Bird Patternable Areas - Half99243s02.dat
~Minifig Headdress Aztec Bird with Eyes and Cheeks Pattern - Half99243p01s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Aztec Bird without Patternable Areas - Half99243s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Batman Half55704s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Catwoman - Half98729s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Catwoman Short with Wider Eyeholes55705s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Horus - Eye Area93249s02.dat
~Minifig Headdress Horus - Eye Pattern93249s03.dat
~Minifig Headdress Horus - Half93249s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Indian Warbonnet - Unpatterned Surfaces30138s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Nemes Type 2 Front Surface90462s02.dat
~Minifig Headdress Nemes Type 2 Half without Front Surface90462bs01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Nemes Type 2 Half without Front Surface (Obsolete)90462as01.dat
~Minifig Headdress Nemes with Darkblue Snakes Pattern Half90462s02pq0.dat
~Minifig Headdress Nemes with Darkblue Stripes Pattern Half90462s02pq1.dat
~Minifig Headdress Werewolf Half42443s01.dat
~Minifig Headdress with Hooked Beak and Feathers - Half30276s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Alien Skull with Fangs - Half85945s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Army Half without Front87998s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Cap - Half60748s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Cap with Wings - Half60747s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Comb Top10054s03.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Eomer Pattern10054s05.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Neck10054s04.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Structure10054s00.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Subpart 110054s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Subpart 210054s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Rohan with Cheek Protection & Comb - Theoden Pattern10054s06.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle Uruk-Hai with Lateral Comb Half10051s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle with Angled Cheek - Half48493s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle with Dragon Crown Top Half6122s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Castle with Fixed Face Grille - Half4503s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Classic - Pivot3842as03.dat
~Minifig Helmet Classic - Structure3842as01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Classic - Thick Chin Guard and Visor Dimples3842bs02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Classic - Thin Chin Guard3842as02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Gladiator95676s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Iron Man - Half10907s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Mining Half30325s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Modern Patternable Area Half2446s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Modern Structure2446s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Modern with One Red and Two Green Stripes Pattern - Half2446p01s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Persian Surface Half88284s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Roman Soldier - Half98366s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Scout Trooper - Half30369s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Skateboard Half46303s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Blue Rebel Logo Pattern30370ps3a.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Front Pattern30370s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Half30370s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Rebel Logo Frame30370ps2c.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Rebel Logo Pattern30370ps2s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Red & Black Line Pattern30370ps1a.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Red Line Pattern30370ps2b.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Side Pattern30370s05.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Top Pattern30370s03.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Top Side Pattern30370s04.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Yellow & Black Pattern30370ps2a.dat
~Minifig Helmet Star Wars Rebel Pilot - Yellow Grid Pattern30370ps1b.dat
~Minifig Helmet Stormtrooper Half Patterned Area Blank30408s03.dat
~Minifig Helmet Stormtrooper Half Stormtrooper Pattern30408s04.dat
~Minifig Helmet Stormtrooper Half TIE-Fighter Pilot Pattern30408s05.dat
~Minifig Helmet Stormtrooper Half without Patterned Areas30408s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Stormtrooper without Patterned Areas30408s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet SW Rebel Pilot with Checkered Pattern Top30370ps4s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet SW Rebel Pilot with Checkered Pattern Top Side30370ps4s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet UFO Pattern30120s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Underwater - One Half87754s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Viking with Nose Protector - Half53450s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Backside Half10908s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Chin10908s05.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Chin Pattern10908s06.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Eyes10908s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Face10908s04.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Mask10908s03.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Side and Top10908s07.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Side and Top with DkRed Line Pattern10908s07p04.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Iron Man - Side and Top with Forehead Pattern10908s07p02.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Large with Trapezoid Area on Top - One Half89159s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet Visor Underwater - One Half6090s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Bat Wings Half30105s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Front Prongs Half Pattern Area10305s02.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Front Prongs Half without Pattern Area10305s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Front Prongs with Dark Purple Highlight Pattern10305p01s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Hexagonal Top Base30120s00.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Hexagonal Top Base - Half30120s01.dat
~Minifig Helmet with Wings and Eagle Head - Half24088s01.dat
~Minifig Hips and Legs Short Horizontal Stripe16709s02.dat
~Minifig Hips and Legs Short with Horizontal Stripe without Back Surface and Stripe16709s01.dat
~Minifig Hips with Greatcoat Pattern - Purple Detail970phba.dat
~Minifig Hips with Leather Belt & Red Studs - Gold Detail970p4f1.dat
~Minifig Hips with Robot Pattern - Silver (Obsolete)970p63a.dat
~Minifig Hips with SW Gunbelt - Silver Details970ps5a.dat
~Minifig Hips with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern3815pbda.dat
~Minifig Hips without Decorated Surface3815s01.dat
~Minifig Hips without Decorated Surface3815bs01.dat
~Minifig Hood Fur-lined - fur trim, one half30287s02.dat
~Minifig Hood Fur-lined - one half without fur trim30287s01.dat
~Minifig Hose Nozzle with Side String Hole58367s01.dat
~Minifig Jester's Cap Inside62537s01.dat
~Minifig Jester's Cap Left Pom62537s02.dat
~Minifig Jester's Cap Left Side62537s03.dat
~Minifig Jester's Cap Right Pom62537s05.dat
~Minifig Jester's Cap Right Side62537s04.dat
~Minifig Jet Pack - Half (Needs Work)6023s00.dat
~Minifig Key Ring - 1/462808s01.dat
~Minifig Knife with Flat Hilt End - Blade Half95054s02.dat
~Minifig Knife with Flat Hilt End - Guard Half95054s01.dat
~Minifig Leg Left Front Surface with 'EMMET' Badge Pattern3817p8is01.dat
~Minifig Leg Left Rounded Front3817bs03.dat
~Minifig Leg Left with Astro Pattern - Gold Detail3817p6fa.dat
~Minifig Leg Left with Greatcoat - Purple Detail972phba.dat
~Minifig Leg Left with Reflective Stripe and Silver Triangle on Feet Pattern3817p8is02.dat
~Minifig Leg Left with Robot Pattern - Silver Colour972p63a.dat
~Minifig Leg Left without Front and Side Surfaces3817bs02.dat
~Minifig Leg Left without Front Surfaces3817s01.dat
~Minifig Leg Left without Front Surfaces3817bs01.dat
~Minifig Leg Right with Astro Pattern - Gold Detail3816p6fa.dat
~Minifig Leg Right with Greatcoat - Purple Detail971phba.dat
~Minifig Leg Right with Robot Pattern - Silver Colour971p63a.dat
~Minifig Leg Right without Front and Side Surfaces3816s02.dat
~Minifig Leg Right without Front Surfaces3816s01.dat
~Minifig Leg with War Machine Armoured Suit Kneepad Pattern3816pbda.dat
~Minifig Life Ring Subpart 130340s01.dat
~Minifig Life Ring Subpart 230340s02.dat
~Minifig Lightsaber Hilt Small Stopper577s01.dat
~Minifig Long Bow with Arrow Quarter93231s01.dat
~Minifig Maracas Pattern Quarter90508p01a.dat
~Minifig Martian Head with Clip Half without Top30529s01.dat
~Minifig Mask Wolf Half Patternable Areas11233s02.dat
~Minifig Mask Wolf Half without Patternable Areas11233s01.dat
~Minifig Mask Wolf with Fangs, Scars and White Ears Pattern Half11233p01s01.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Arm Bent - Half15341s01.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Head and Torso Half53988s01.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Head SW Battle Droid - Back of Head30378s03.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Head SW Battle Droid - Forehead30378s02.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Head SW Battle Droid without Top Surfaces30378s01.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Leg Half53984s01.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Torso - Chest30375s02.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Torso - Ribs30375s03.dat
~Minifig Mechanical Torso without Chest/Rib Surface30375s01.dat
~Minifig Oil Lamp - Half98383s01.dat
~Minifig Ovoid Shield without Decorated Surface2586s01.dat
~Minifig Paint Brush Tip93552s02.dat
~Minifig Paint Brush without Patterned Areas93552s01.dat
~Minifig Paint Palette without Top Surface93551s01.dat
~Minifig Peach Lips, Open Mouth Smile and Black Eyebrows Pattern3626p8cs01.dat
~Minifig Pharaoh's Staff Socket Half with Blade93252s01.dat
~Minifig Pike / Spear Elaborate Head Quarter90391s01.dat
~Minifig Pike / Spear Elaborate Shaft90391s02.dat
~Minifig Pitchfork - Tip4496s01.dat
~Minifig Plume Dragon - Half87687s01.dat
~Minifig Plume Horsetail with Bar 0.5L Half22411s01.dat
~Minifig Plume/Flame Triple - Half64647s01.dat
~Minifig Plunger - Rubber Cup11459s01.dat
~Minifig Police Helmet Half13789s01.dat
~Minifig Pushbroom - Broom Head 1/43836s01.dat
~Minifig Right Leg with SW Gunbelt - Silver detail971ps5a.dat
~Minifig Ring Crab Pattern Half87748ps2.dat
~Minifig Ring Manta Ray Pattern Half87748ps5.dat
~Minifig Ring Shark Pattern Half87748ps3.dat
~Minifig Ring Squid Pattern Half87748ps4.dat
~Minifig Ring Turtle Pattern Half87748ps1.dat
~Minifig Ring Two Band Halves87748s02.dat
~Minifig Ring Understud87748s03.dat
~Minifig Ring with Triangle without Top Face - 1/387748s01.dat
~Minifig Russian Fur Cap Half43894s01.dat
~Minifig Sack Half92590s01.dat
~Minifig Satchel - Half61976s01.dat
~Minifig Saxophone - Mouthpiece13808s02.dat
~Minifig Saxophone without Mouthpiece13808s01.dat
~Minifig Scooter Body Half15396s01.dat
~Minifig Scuba Tank Subpart30091s01.dat
~Minifig Shackles Half55707ds1.dat
~Minifig Shield Broad with Spiked Bottom and Cutout Corner10049s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Lion Pattern3846p4gs01.dat
~Minifig Shield Lion Pattern Background3846p4gs02.dat
~Minifig Shield Octagonal with Stud without Decorated Surface48494s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Octagonal without Stud without Decorated Surface61856s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Oval with SW Gungan Patrol Shield Pattern - Quarter92747p01s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Oval without Front Face92747s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Bull Head - Half2586p4ga.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Dragon Pattern - Dragon Background and Border2586p4bs01.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Dragon Pattern - Dragon Body2586p4bs02.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Golden Lion - Dark Red Details2586ph1b.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Golden Lion - Gold Details2586ph1a.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Indigo Islanders Pattern - Half2586p30a.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Silver Snake - Green Detail2586ph2b.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with Silver Snake - Silver Detail2586ph2a.dat
~Minifig Shield Ovoid with SW Gungan Patrol Shield Pattern - Half2586ps1a.dat
~Minifig Shield Rectangular Curved with Stud without Decorated Surface98367s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Bowed w/ DkGreen/Gold Rohan Pattern - 1/875902p01a.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Bowed with Bullseye with Star Pattern Half75902p02s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Bowed with Gold Eagle Pattern - Half75902p03s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Bowed without Front Surface75902s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Flat without Front Surface59231s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Dark Brown Ring and 4 Rivets Pattern - 1/491884p01s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Dragon Heads and Ornaments Pattern - Half91884p03s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Silver Rivets Pattern - 1/891884p02s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Round Type 2 without Front Face91884s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Scarab Half93251s01.dat
~Minifig Shield Triangular Long without Front18836s01.dat
~Minifig Shield with Wolfpack Pattern - Border3846p44c.dat
~Minifig Shield without Decorated Surface3846s01.dat
~Minifig Signal Holder without Rear Surface3900s01.dat
~Minifig Skateboard without Top Surface - 1/442511s01.dat
~Minifig Skeleton Torso - Ribs and Spine - Quarter60115s01.dat
~Minifig Skirt 1.1L with Straight Bottom (Formed) without Outer Surface600880c01s02.dat
~Minifig Skirt 1.4L with Straight Bottom (Formed) without Outer Surfaceu9209c01s01.dat
~Minifig Skirt Attachment16820s01.dat
~Minifig Skirt Formed Attachment600880c01s01.dat
~Minifig Skirt Side36036s03.dat
~Minifig Skirt Sloped Back36036s02.dat
~Minifig Skirt without Patternable Areas36036s01.dat
~Minifig Small Bow with Arrow - Quarter95051s01.dat
~Minifig Snowboard 2 x 6 Quarter18746s01.dat
~Minifig Soccer Ball Pentagonal Facet72824s02.dat
~Minifig Soccer Ball Pentagonal Facet Surroundings72824s01.dat
~Minifig Staff with Crescent End - Crescent Half95050s01.dat
~Minifig Staff with Spherical End - Fixation Element95049s01.dat
~Minifig Steak on Bone Half98372s01.dat
~Minifig Steak on Bone Meat98372s02.dat
~Minifig Stretcher without Hinges and Studs4714s01.dat
~Minifig Surf Board 2 x 10 - Half Bottom6075s01.dat
~Minifig Surf Board 2 x 6.5 - Body without Upper Surface90397s01.dat
~Minifig Surf Board 2 x 6.5 - Half90397s02.dat
~Minifig Surf Board 2 x 6.5 with Pink Flames Pattern - Half90397p02s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Greatsword - 1/4 Blade59s02.dat
~Minifig Sword Greatsword - 1/4 Guard and Pommel59s03.dat
~Minifig Sword Greatsword - Grip Segment59s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Katana (Dragon Guard) Blade Half93055s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Katana Blade30173s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Khopesh Blade Half93247s04.dat
~Minifig Sword Khopesh Grip Endsegment93247s03.dat
~Minifig Sword Khopesh Grip Segment 193247s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Khopesh Grip Segment 293247s02.dat
~Minifig Sword Longsword - Half98370s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Roman Gladius - Half95673s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Saber with Clip Pommel Blade Surface59229s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Scimitar with Jagged Edge - Half60752s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Small with Angular Guard - Half95053s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Small with Curved Blade - Half10053s01.dat
~Minifig Sword Uruk-Hai - Blade10050s01.dat
~Minifig Sword with Angular Hilt - Quarter48495s01.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Belly Half98382s02.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Belly Half with Tan Pattern98382p01s02.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Body Half98382s01.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Ear98382s04.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Face Half98382s05.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Face Half with Black Eye Pattern98382p01s05.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Head Half98382s06.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Muzzle Half98382s03.dat
~Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down Muzzle Half with Black Nose Pattern98382p01s03.dat
~Minifig Tennis Racket Half93216s01.dat
~Minifig Tomahawk - Blade13571s01.dat
~Minifig Tool 3-Rib Handle604547s01.dat
~Minifig Tool Grappling Hook Arm30192s01.dat
~Minifig Tool Handle6246s01.dat
~Minifig Tool Scissors18920s01.dat
~Minifig Torso - Neck Mark (Obsolete)973s00.dat
~Minifig Torso - Pirate Jacket & Brown Vest - Lt. Brown973p39b.dat
~Minifig Torso - SW Blast Armor (Detail; 1/2)973psb1.dat
~Minifig Torso - SW Blast Armor (Plates; 1/2)973psb2.dat
~Minifig Torso Armor Stud Subpart973p45s1.dat
~Minifig Torso Back with Studios Clapperboard Pattern973pd0a.dat
~Minifig Torso Blue Vest Back973pars03.dat
~Minifig Torso Blue Vest Front973pars02.dat
~Minifig Torso Bomb Symbol973paus01.dat
~Minifig Torso Drill Symbol973pats01.dat
~Minifig Torso HP Folds Pattern973ph5b.dat
~Minifig Torso HP Neck Pattern973ph5c.dat
~Minifig Torso HP Sweater Pattern973ph5a.dat
~Minifig Torso Iron Man Armoured Suit Mark XVII Back Half Pattern973pbeb.dat
~Minifig Torso Iron Man Armoured Suit Mark XVII Front Half Pattern973pbea.dat
~Minifig Torso Leather Jacket Pattern without Badge973p7na.dat
~Minifig Torso New with Robot Design - Silver973p63a.dat
~Minifig Torso Pirate Open Jacket/Brown Shirt - Silver Detail973p39a.dat
~Minifig Torso Star Symbol973pars01.dat
~Minifig Torso SW A-Wing Pilot - Silver Detail973ps0a.dat
~Minifig Torso SW Vest & Pockets - Silver Buckle973psca.dat
~Minifig Torso Test Tube Symbol973pass01.dat
~Minifig Torso w White/Blue Triangles, Blue/White Amulet Pattern973pwcs1.dat
~Minifig Torso w/ SW Loose Dress with Folds Pattern Dress973psys01.dat
~Minifig Torso w/ White/Blue Triangles, Red/White Amulet Pattern973pwbs1.dat
~Minifig Torso with "Octan" Logo Pattern - Logo973pt2b.dat
~Minifig Torso with "Octan" Logo Pattern - Wording973pt2a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Armor Vest, Silver Wolf Head and Blue Round Jewel Pattern Half973paws01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Astro Pattern - Gold Detail973p6fa.dat
~Minifig Torso with Bead Necklace - Beads973p71a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Bead Necklace - Outline973p71b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Belt on Red/White Front/Back - Subpart973p4la.dat
~Minifig Torso with Black Suit, Red Shirt, Gold Clasps - Gold973sdfa.dat
~Minifig Torso with Black Suit, Red Shirt, Gold Clasps - Red973sdfb.dat
~Minifig Torso with Blue and Mint Green Stripes Pattern - Green973p2ea.dat
~Minifig Torso with Buttons and Police Badge Plain Pattern - Pocket973sp1f3.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Bodice Pattern - Background973p4ab.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Bodice Pattern - Colour973p4aa.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Breastplate Pattern - silver973p40a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Chainmail Pattern - silver973p41a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Female Armor Gold Area973p4gc.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Female Armor Light Gray Area973p4ga.dat
~Minifig Torso with Castle Female Armor Silver Area973p4gb.dat
~Minifig Torso with Cavalry General Pattern - Belt973pw1b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Cavalry General Pattern - Button973pw1a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Cavalry General Pattern - Gold973pw1c.dat
~Minifig Torso with Dk Green Corset - Ruffle973sp4x.dat
~Minifig Torso with DkGray, Black,and Yellow Batman Pattern Half973pb1s.dat
~Minifig Torso with Dungarees Pattern - Background973p11b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Dungarees Pattern - Colour973p11a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Forestman and Purse Pattern973p46a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Forestman Collar Pattern - Front w/o Collar973p48a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Futuron Pattern - Background973p65c.dat
~Minifig Torso with Futuron Pattern - Colour973p65b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Futuron Pattern - Gold973p65a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Gray and Gold Batman Pattern - Half973pb0a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Gryffindor Uniform - Gold Detail973ph1a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Gryffindor Uniform - Maroon Detail973ph1b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Hogwarts Uniform - Gold Detail973ph0b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Horizontal Stripes Pattern - Background973p15b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Horizontal Stripes Pattern - Colour973p15a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Officer Pattern - Background973p37d.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Officer Pattern - Colour973p37c.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Officer Pattern - Gold973p37b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Officer Pattern - Silver973p37a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Pattern - Background973p35d.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Pattern - Colour973p35c.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Pattern - Gold973p35a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Imperial Guard Pattern - Silver973p35b.dat
~Minifig Torso with Jacket with Metallic Gold Trim and Red Sash Pattern - Half Back973p3ls01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Jacket, Necklace, and Compass - Silver973pa8a.dat
~Minifig Torso with MBA Pattern973pt0a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Medallion/Belt/Buttons - Silver Pattern973p3da.dat
~Minifig Torso with Ninja Wrap, Shuriken and Dagger - Metallic973pn5a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Pirate Ragged Shirt/Dagger - Silver Detail973p3aa.dat
~Minifig Torso with Prisoner Pattern - Collar973p7sa.dat
~Minifig Torso with Red on Bottom and Fringe Pattern973pwds1.dat
~Minifig Torso with Red Undershirt and Fringe Pattern - Button973pw7a.dat
~Minifig Torso with RES-Q Orange Pockets - Orange Detail973p8ba.dat
~Minifig Torso with RES-Q Orange Pockets - Silver Detail973p8bb.dat
~Minifig Torso with Samurai Robe/Sash/Dagger - Gold Detail973pn1a.dat
~Minifig Torso with School Uniform - Trim Detail973ph0a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Sheriff Pattern - Button973pw4a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Silver Armor Front and Back - Back Half973pavs02.dat
~Minifig Torso with Silver Armor Front and Back - Front Half973pavs01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Silver Ice Planet pattern - silver973p62a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Six Button Suit and Airplane Pattern - Gold973p04a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Six Button Suit and Anchor Pattern - Gold973p05a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Skull and Roses - Roses973pc44a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Slytherin Uniform - Silver Detail973ph2a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Soccer Team Red/Blue Stripes - Subpart Front Pattern973p01s01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Soccer Team White Stripes and White - Subpart Front Pattern973pgas01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Spotted Singlet and Necklace Pattern - Gold973p2fa.dat
~Minifig Torso with Spyrius Pattern - Silver973p66a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Striped Shirt/Buttons - Silver Detail973p3fa.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Blast Armor Pattern Base973psbs01.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Blast Armor Pattern Chestplates Half973psbs03.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Blast Armor Pattern Folds973psbs02.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW C-3PO Dark Grey Pattern973psra.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW C-3PO Grey Gold Pattern973psrb.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Camouflage Smock - Light Gray973psm1.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Darth Vader Pattern Chrome Area973ps7a.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Darth Vader Pattern Grid Half973ps7s02.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Darth Vader Pattern Torso Half973ps7s01.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer - Silver Detail973psq1.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Belt973psqs02.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Codecylinder973psqs04.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Collar973psqs03.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Patch 1973psqs05.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Patch 2973psqs06.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Patch 3973psqs07.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Officer Pattern Uniform Half973psqs01.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Imperial Shuttle Pilot - Silver Detail973psn1.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Layered Shirt, Brown Belt Pattern973pr3s01.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Rebel Pilot Pattern973as1.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Rebel Pilot Pattern Chestbox973ps1s03.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Rebel Pilot Pattern Front Half973ps1s01.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Rebel Pilot Pattern Stripes Half973ps1s02.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Scout Trooper - Dithered Color973pse1.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Scout Trooper Pattern Base973pses01.dat
~Minifig Torso with SW Vest, White Shirt Pattern Vest973ps5s01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Sweater V-Neck over Light Blue Shirt Pattern - Half Bottom973p94s01.dat
~Minifig Torso with Sweater V-Neck over Light Blue Shirt Pattern - Half Top Backside973p94s02.dat
~Minifig Torso with Train Vest Pattern - Silver973p82a.dat
~Minifig Torso with Tri-Coloured Shield and Gold Trim - Gold973p4sa.dat
~Minifig Torso with UFO Alien Triangular Insignia Pattern - Half973p6ua.dat
~Minifig Torso with UFO Pattern - Orange973p54b.dat
~Minifig Torso with UFO Pattern - Silver973p54a.dat
~Minifig Torso with US Cavalry Officer Pattern - Gold973pw2a.dat
~Minifig Torso with US Cavalry Soldier Pattern - Gold973pw3a.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - "002" text973pbdb.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - "DANGER"973pbdd.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - "DANGER" Mask973pbdc.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - Chest Plate973pbde.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - Main Back Half973pbdf.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - Main Front Half973pbda.dat
~Minifig Torso with War Machine Armoured Suit Pattern - Shoulder Plate973pbdg.dat
~Minifig Torso with White Rope & Patched Collar - Shadows973pdga.dat
~Minifig Torso with White Rope & Patched Collar - Yellowish973pdgb.dat
~Minifig Torso with Wolfman Pattern - maroon973p44c.dat
~Minifig Torso with Yellow Chest and White Beads Necklace Pattern Half973pd14s01.dat
~Minifig Torso without Front or Back973s01.dat
~Minifig Trophy Cup 3.6L - Half89801s01.dat
~Minifig Trophy Cup 5L - Half72092s02.dat
~Minifig Trophy Cup 5L - Stand 1/1672092s01.dat
~Minifig Umbrella - 1/164094s01.dat
~Minifig Umbrella Folded Half27150s01.dat
~Minifig Uruk-Hai Scowl and White Hand Pattern3626pm0.dat
~Minifig Utility Belt, Single Pocket27145s01.dat
~Minifig Weapon Base88811s01.dat
~Minifig Weapon Base Half88811s02.dat
~Minifig Weapon Bladed Claw Half88811s03.dat
~Minifig Weapon Crescent Blade Serrated with Bar 0.5L Half98141s01.dat
~Minifig Weapon Curved Blade 8.5L with Bar 1.5L - Subpart98137s01.dat
~Minifig Weapon Trident Quarter of Head92290s01.dat
~Minifig Whip Bent Flexible Half88704s01.dat
~Minifig Whip Coiled Half Tail61975s01.dat
~Minifig Wizards Hat without Patterned Area6131s01.dat

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