FLL solving robot prototype 2
Robot for solving the FLL Challenges, such as Hydro Dynamics in 2017/2018. This is the second prototype and the video shows how to solve Mission M13. See [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTCRykh62vw&index=1&list=PLvNpybnhzwl9y_uSO4b3yIsAtTmQM8frs](the full playlist here).

This version is an improvement over the first prototype in several ways:

The driving motors are turned so forward in the EV3 software translates into forward motion on the robot.
The footprint is smaller, making it easier to navigate on the mat.
The caster wheels have been replaced with bevel gears, resulting in more accurate driving when going straight.
The M-motor is now directly connected to the lifting mechanism which makes it easier to position and reset.
There are now two lifting sockets on the lower lifting assembly.
The color sensor is built into the robot base and is close to the center of the front of the robot, making it easy to program a line follower.

How to connect the motors and sensor

Port A: Front M-motor.
Port B: Left XL-motor.
Port C: Right XL-motor.
Port D: Front XL-motor.
Port 1: Color sensor.

[https://c-mt.dk/software/FLL2017_2.ev3](Download the EV3 program here)
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License: Public Domain
Theme: Mindstorms Year: 2017
My Own Creation (MOC). Number of parts: 197
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LDraw File - OMR Version This LDraw file is has all unofficial and textured parts inlined. Original LDraw File The LDraw file is downloaded directly from the server. Studio 2.0-Safe LDraw File This LDraw file has been modified to ensure that it loads correctly in Studio 2.0.

Unofficial parts

For Studio 2.0, these parts should be saved in C:\Program Files\Studio 2.0\ldraw\Custom Parts\Parts on Windows and Applications/Studio 2.0/ldraw/Custom Parts/Parts on MAC. See this video for a guide of how to set it up in Studio 2.0 and use their rendering engine.

Description LDraw File Studio 2.0 File Preview
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