Psych! Shawn, Gus and their Toyota Echo
I know, I know, that you love building this set.

I know, I know, you might not have all the parts.

This is why you should check out the parts list first!

The Toyota Echo/Yaris "blueberry" is highly detailed with an engine, full interior and doors that open. This level of detailing does, however, come at the price of robustness. Parts might fall off if you plan on showing the functionality of the car.

The car is in the same scale as the trucks, trailers and other models in Model Team scale 1:25.
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By Lasse Deleuran License: Public Domain
Theme: Model Team Year: 2011 Tags: 1:25 echo gus psych shawn toyota yaris
My Own Creation (MOC).
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Original LDraw File The LDraw file is downloaded directly from the server. It might not work in Studio 2.0 if it contains elements in color 16. Studio 2.0-Safe LDraw File This LDraw file has had all elements in color 16 replaced, so that Studio 2.0 editing and rendering can be performed.

Unofficial parts to be downloaded separately

For Studio 2.0, these parts should be saved in C:\Program Files\Studio 2.0\ldraw\Custom Parts\Parts on Windows and Applications/Studio 2.0/ldraw/Custom Parts/Parts on MAC. See this video for a guide of how to set it up in Studio 2.0 and use their rendering engine.

Description LDraw File Studio 2.0 File Preview
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