Studio2LDraw - Convert custom parts from Studio 2.0 to LDraw

step 1 - Select the file to convert

Export your custom textured part to LDraw from Studio 2.0 or Part Designer. The exported .ldr file can either be uploaded or its content be pasted directly below.

Step 2 - Inline or Separate Texture File

LDraw supports two ways of storing texture files: Either as separate PNG files in the 'textures' folder, or inlined in the LDraw file.

Step 3 - Get the Standardized LDraw File

Copy or download the LDraw file below. This file follows the LDraw standard and can be viewed in any LDraw-compatible viewer that supports textures.

Step 4 - Download the Texture File

Please save the image below in the textures folder next to your LDraw files folders.
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