7140 - X-wing Fighter
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By Daniel Goerner [TK-949]. Uploaded to BrickHub.org by Leni License: Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt (LDraw)
Theme: Star Wars Tags: flat-blade tools
Official set 7140 (Main, B or sub model).
Downloaded from the LDraw All in One Installer.

This file, the Center Section, joins the chain of 754.dat Link Sections
coming from the two End Sections.
Use this file in conjuction with the files:
750.dat/752.dat End piece with or without tabs
754.dat Link Section
755.dat End Section
to manually construct complete flexible tubes.
Start with a 750.dat End piece,
Next comes a 755.dat End Section,
Then a string of approximately 25 754.dat Link Sections,
Place a 756.dat Center Section,
Then another string of 754.dat's facing the opposite way,
Then a 755.dat End Section,
Finish with a 750.dat End piece.
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